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Spanish "land grabs" soon to be a thing of the past?

For many investing in Spanish real estate, the urge to build your home from scratch or pick a property in need of TLC is all too great a challenge to resist.

But developing properties on non-urban land, that is to say land that is neither urban nor authorised for development by the local authorities, could leave you open to so-called ‘land-grabs’.

The issue of planning permission, or lack thereof, for properties on non-urban land has been a big problem for Spain’s regional governments. So much so, that their only redress has been to demolish illegal developments where they find them and reclaim the land for themselves. Needless to say, these ‘land-grabs’ have not gone down well with homeowners.

Fortunately, recent land law reforms in the regions of Valencia and Andalucía are cutting the red tape surrounding planning permission; meaning ‘land-grabs’ could well be a thing of the past.


My family and I had purchased a property in Fuerteventura just before the market crashed. We bought it with a view to renting it. Due to the recession people weren’t going on holiday as much, so we weren’t getting the rental income to support the mortgage repayments. We were trying to find money to keep the property afloat but it left us in a very tight position financially. When we considered selling the property its value had halved. E&G Solicitors in Spain took on my case and were able to negotiate successfully with the bank to allow a voluntary repossession to go through. With all things considered it’s worked out very well for me and my family. E&G Solicitors in Spain could not have done more to put my mind at ease. The fact that they have solicitors in Spain and the UK who are bi-lingual and have knowledge of the legal system over there is great. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Tony, Derbyshire