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Spanish lawyers in the UK and in Spain

21 Jun 2016
Why you should make a Spanish will
A brief guide to why you should make a Spanish will if you own assets in Spain
21 Jun 2016
Do you really need a Spanish will?
Do you own property in Spain? Are you confused about whether or not you need a Spanish will? You will find answers here!
21 Jun 2016
How to make a Spanish will
Click here for our guide to the process of making a Spanish will
21 Jun 2016
How will a Brexit affect British property owners in Spain?
Ahead of the UK referendum on 23 June, we take you through our thoughts on how British property owners might be affected by a Leave vote.


(Buying a property in Spain) was a new experience for my wife and I and we wanted a solicitor that we could rely on and help us through this process. Stacey and the team acted very professionally throughout and we felt confident that E&G Solicitors in Spain would complete the transaction. It all went very well!

Brian and Elsa Surridge, Horsham