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Spanish lawyers in the UK and in Spain

27 Sep 2016
Reclaiming deposits for off-plan properties in Spain
A guide to the law relating to reclaiming deposits for unbuilt off-plan properties in Spain
27 Sep 2016
How will Brexit affect British property owners in Spain?
We set out our thoughts on the possible effects of Brexit upon Brits who own property in Spain
27 Sep 2016
Why you should make your Spanish will
If you own property in Spain it is advisable to make a Spanish will. Here we explain why.
27 Sep 2016
Buying off-plan in Spain, safely
Off-plan is back in Spain. Here we guide you through how to buy an off-plan property in Spain safely.


E&G Solicitors in Spain looked after all the legal aspects of my purchase and also confirmed they could assist me with other matters such as drafting a Spanish Will, connecting me to utilities and organising my Spanish tax return. Buying property can be a stressful experience especially when buying in a foreign country but I felt E&G Solicitors in Spain were looking after my interests the whole time.

David, Jersey