Spanish lawyers in the UK and in Spain

3 Sep 2021
Capital Gains Tax liability in Spain
An important note for people who sell a property in their home country when they have become a resident in Spain before selling the property.
3 Sep 2021
Spanish tax for EU and non-EU residents
A guide to the differences in Spanish tax for EU and non-EU residents.
3 Sep 2021
What to consider when retiring to Spain
A guide on the factors to consider before retiring to Spain.
3 Sep 2021
Frequently asked questions about inheriting in Spain
A rundown of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to inheriting in Spain.


Thank you to the team for completing the purchase of our property! E&G Solicitors in Spain provided suitable advice, including the caution on the first property that fell through, but it was for the best as we love our new place much more.

Mathew, London