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Deal or no deal - Brexit update

Please note that there is more up-to-date information in relation to Brexit. You may find our video on the effect of Brexit for UK nationals throughout the transition period and beyond helpful. We also have a more recent article on living, working and owning property in Spain.

In 2016, immediately following the referendum of 23 June, we considered the possible effects of Brexit on British property owners in SpainBrits intending to move to Spain, and those who intended to purchase property in Spain after Brexit.  

We intended, as the negotiations progressed, to write regular updates as the terms for the United Kingdom leaving the European Union were agreed.  Since 23 June 2016 we have been watching and waiting. It has been extremely difficult to put anything in writing when the position has remained undefined.  We are now in April 2019 and it seems that the Brexit position is no clearer.

Last updated: 17 August 2020

Spanish tax for EU and non-EU residents

While it is an unfortunate certainty that we will all be subject to tax if we own property in Spain, what is uncertain are the different types of taxation and the level of that taxation, depending upon whether the person liable to the tax is resident in the EU, the European Economic Area, or neither.  While most people who buy property in Spain are nationals of EU member states, including Brits for the time being, it is also useful to focus on the extent to which those who are not resident in the EU are treated differently from a taxation perspective, as that is the most likely position of UK nationals in the not too distant future.

Last updated: 21 July 2020

5 key things you need to know when buying property in Spain

The process, costs and pitfalls of buying a place in Spain have been well documented.  However, what follows the purchase receives less attention, despite being equally important.  Being a property owner in Spain attracts the same risks and responsibilities as owning property in any other jurisdiction, but there are some quirks that are unique to Spain.

Last updated: 19 August 2020

Buying a rural property in Andalusia - the DAFO

It can come as no surprise to those familiar with real estate in Spain to know that a number of rural properties throughout the country, particularly in Andalusia, were built without planning permission.  The issue of how best to deal with these properties has plagued the Spanish authorities as well as causing anxiety for buyers and sellers of Spanish property for many years.

Last updated: 19 August 2020

A guide to buying property in Spain using a mortgage

Please note that while the process remains the same, there have been some changes in relation to the cost of a Spanish mortgage. For further information, please see our article highlighting this change here.

While it is certainly fortunate to be able to purchase a primary or secondary residence with funds that you already have in your bank account, many people who are able to do so opt to finance the purchase in part by borrowing from a lending institution, often a bank, secured against the property that they are purchasing.  Applying for a mortgage in the UK is relatively straightforward. Many of us have done so at least once, if not multiple times. Apart from being advised by your solicitor as to the potential effect of a mortgage, that is about all that you need to know.

In Spain the system is slightly more involved and considerably more costly.  

Last updated: 17 August 2020

Who's who in your Spanish property purchase?

It is only natural that first time buyers of property in Spain are uncertain of the route to completion of the transaction.  Spanish laws and business practices are often a long way from what one would expect in the UK, although when analysed carefully it becomes clear that with a few notable exceptions the actors involved in a Spanish property transaction are not entirely dissimilar from those one would expect to encounter in one’s home country.

Last updated: 19 August 2020

Buying property in Spain with friends and family

Home is where the heart is, and what better way to create a home in Spain than by buying property in Spain with friends and family and sharing the property from the outset?  For this reason, it is not uncommon for a number of family members or a group of friends to buy property in Spain together.  For most people this is an arrangement that works well for all involved, but there are risks involved and for that reason, it is important to consider the options before you proceed. 

Last updated: 13 August 2020

Navigating the planning rules in Spain

We Brits often have a love hate relationship with the Mediterranean climate.  We love the sun, but we are often not so keen on the heat.  Blue skies cheer us up, but the antidote to the warm side effect of the blazing sun is a lovely blue pool to dive into when the thermometer seems as if it is about to burst.  In fact, a pool is almost always an essential requirement of anyone buying a property on or near the Spanish coast. 

If you buy on a development then there will always be a communal pool, but if you are considering purchasing a detached house on a plot, then you will be broadening your options if you consider building your own pool, whether because no pool has been built at a house that you fancy, or because the pool already built there is not exactly what you were after.  While building a whole house from scratch is a bit of a task in Spain, even for a native Spaniard, building a pool is not quite as onerous and is far less likely to go wrong.

Last updated: 21 August 2020



(Buying a property in Spain) was a new experience for my wife and I and we wanted a solicitor that we could rely on and help us through this process. Stacey and the team acted very professionally throughout and we felt confident that E&G Solicitors in Spain would complete the transaction. It all went very well!

Brian and Elsa Surridge, Horsham

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