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The outcome of the referendum in June 2016, regarding the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union, was a shock to many.  Whatever your feelings regarding the Brexit result the reality is that it has created a great deal of uncertainty for those considering buying property in Spain or moving to Spain.  In recent years, closer relationships with continental Europe have encouraged an increase in the numbers of people investing in Spain, retiring to Spain and generally spending a great deal of time in Spain.  Much of this has been made easier thanks to mechanisms put into place by the EU.  

While negotiations are ongoing the future for Brits in Spain post Brexit is unclear, but there are certain aspects of moving to Spain, buying property in Spain and inheriting in Spain that will not change after Brexit.  It is also possible to see what life is like for those from non-EU nations in order to build a picture of the likely changes Brits in Spain will see after Brexit.  

Our team of professionals is dedicated to making your experience of doing business in Spain as stress free as possible.  You can meet the team here.

We have always been happy to provide our clients with as much information about buying property in Spain, moving to Spain and inheriting in Spain as possible.  As Brexit is likely to affect all three areas considerably we have put together some information that may be of use to you while you are researching your plans for the future.  

On our Brexit pages you will find a wealth of information, including video content, on the possible effects of Brexit upon buying, selling and owning property in Spain, inheriting in Spain and upon the right of Brits to retire to Spain.  

If you are concerned about the possible effect of Brexit upon your plans to move to Spain or to invest in Spain, or if you stand to inherit from an estate with assets in Spain and you are worried about Brexit, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can contact us by telephone at 020 3478 1420, by email at info@solicitorsinspain.com or by completing our contact form.


E&G Solicitors in Spain guided us through the whole process of buying a property in Spain from agreeing the price to completion. We would recommend them to anyone buying a property in Spain.

Karen and Keith, Oxfordshire