If you are acting on behalf of a charity and are dealing with gifts and legacies situated within Spain, it will be essential to seek independent legal advice in order to realise the assets for your organisation and ensure that you are fully aware of how to minimise all costs, taxes and liabilities.

E&G Solicitors in Spain has extensive experience acting for registered charities and not-for-profit organisations as their fiscal representatives in relation to gifts left to them in a Will.

Our pragmatic and helpful approach ensures that the needs of each individual charity are catered for with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.


Our experienced lawyers based in Tarragona, Spain, and London, UK, can assist charities who are left gifts in Spanish and UK Wills with aspects of quantifying legacies and minimising tax liabilities and estate debts.

Marketing and sale of inherited assets

If you are acting for a charity and you have been gifted a property in someone’s Spanish or UK Will, E&G Solicitors in Spain can arrange for the marketing and sale of the property on your behalf.

In carrying out the sale, we can handle the legal aspects of the transaction including the application for a Spanish tax number (where appropriate) and liaising with prospective purchasers.

Asset tracing in Spain

It is not always easy for charities to locate gifts left to them in Spanish Wills. E&G Solicitors have intrinsic knowledge of Spanish inheritance laws, which means that we are able to trace assets on behalf of charities in a cost-effective and timely manner. 


We spoke to a number of solicitors at A Place in the Sun Live. We chose E&G Solicitors in Spain because of the interested and informative person we met there. It seemed that he really knew what he was talking about. Not all went as planned with the purchase etc but thats why a good solicitor is so important. We made a good choice.

Michael Dolman, Cheshire