Debt and Asset Recovery in Spain

Recovering debt from a group or individual can be a daunting task if you are unsure how to initiate proceedings or where to look.  If you are owed money and are looking to recover sums of money from a national or non-national of Spain then you will need someone with the expertise and experience to handle debt recovery in any jurisdiction.

Tracing and recovering assets can also be a costly and time-consuming process if you are unsure where to begin looking.  If you suspect that a person or company may own assets in Spain, or you are a trustee in bankruptcy seeking to recover assets in the bankruptcy estate for creditors, E&G Solicitors in Spain can use cost-effective methods to help you identify those assets and deal with them accordingly.

The process of recovering a debt in Spain

We act for several Comunidades de Propietarios (Communities of Property Owners) throughout Spain, helping them to recover debt owned by property owners who have failed to pay their obligatory service charge, better known in Spain as Community Fees.

If one or more owners fail to make a payment of the Community Fees it can have disastrous financial consequences on the remaining, paying, property owners.  E&G Solicitors in Spain can assist responsible property owners to recover money owing to them by defaulting owners.  We are able to make a fast track claim on behalf of the Comunidades de Propietarios to enforce the debt by registering a charge against the property of the owner in default, which could ultimately lead to the sale of the property at public auction in order to recover the debt.

The process of recovering an asset in Spain

Trying to locate bank accounts, buildings, land, boats, vehicles or any other registrable assets belonging to an individual or a company can be costly if you are unfamiliar with Spanish law.  E&G Solicitors in Spain offers a cost-effective method of evidence gathering and tracing those assets on your behalf.

We can also protect the interest of a trustee in bankruptcy in respect of any assets situated in Spain and registered in the name of a bankrupt.  This is done first by registering the trustee’s interest and then making a court application to gain access to any buildings and/or bank accounts on the trustee’s behalf, followed by a sale of the property, either on the open market or in a public auction, i.e. a forced sale.

How we can assist you

Locating assets and recovering debt of any value can be a difficult and time-consuming process.  Our experienced lawyers based in the UK and Spain are well-equipped to deal with asset and debt recovery in any jurisdiction, with a particular emphasis on Spain, the UK and Republic of Ireland.

E&G Solicitors in Spain can also file court applications on behalf of trustees in bankruptcy, make applications for orders for sale, and negotiate settlements with third parties to make the debt and asset recovery process seamless and cost-effective.


We spoke to a number of solicitors at A Place in the Sun Live. We chose E&G Solicitors in Spain because of the interested and informative person we met there. It seemed that he really knew what he was talking about. Not all went as planned with the purchase etc but thats why a good solicitor is so important. We made a good choice.

Michael Dolman, Cheshire