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Obtaining Security for Loans and Other Debts in Spain

If you require security for a debt, whether it is a debt that has already been incurred or a new loan that is being made to secure against a property, then E&G Solicitors in Spain can assist you with the necessary paperwork and registration requirements.

We can also help register charges against a property that does not belong to the borrower, in security for a loan, with the property owner’s consent.

If you are owed money by someone who owns assets in Spain and that person is prepared to confirm the terms of the loan in a public document, it will need to be signed before a Notary in Spain, or before a Notary Public in other countries.  By doing this you will be able to enforce the debt without having to prove it, in the event that the debtor does not comply with the terms of your agreement.

The circumstance often presents itself when a loan has been made between friends or business associates, the lender eventually coming to the conclusion that he or she would be happier with some security.  The process can be straightforward and not overly time consuming.  At E&G Solicitors in Spain we have handled these types of matters on a great number of occasions and are skilled at streamlining the process while preserving good relations between the parties involved. 

If you are seeking to borrow funds to finance your purchase or development, at E&G Solicitors in Spain we can introduce you to banks and other private lenders who may have an interest in working with you.  While banks will often place a great deal of emphasis on the status of the borrower, some private lenders are principally concerned with the asset and the terms of the loan note.  Please contact us if you need further information as we have a great deal of experience in this area.


E&G Solicitors in Spain dealt with our property purchase extremely professionally and efficiently. At no time did I worry that I couldn't get the answers to my many questions. We are very happy, everything was clear and straightforward and in plain English.

John and Joy Ellis, Hertfordshire