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Our Mediation Services

The Spanish civil justice system is notoriously slow. The Spanish court processes mean that lawyers are not incentivised to settle before trial.  E&G Mediation is offering a cheap and quick alternative to formal proceedings in Spain: why not have your dispute settled, possibly in as little as one day, via mediation in the U.K.?

Typically, claims can take years to be resolved through the Spanish courts.  The reason is that even though there are strict time limits imposed on the parties in a case, the courts themselves do not respect their internal time limits.  The Spanish courts have more work than they can handle within a reasonable timescale and so it can take many months to get the courts to decide even very simple procedural matters. And once you do receive a decision, the Spanish courts are limited in the ways in which they can resolve the dispute.  Normally there is a winner and a loser, but there is no guarantee that either party will win outright. 

The team of expert mediators at E&G Mediation have the experience and know-how to help you resolve your Spanish dispute quickly, effectively and economically, without the need for recourse to the courts, whether in Spain or anywhere else.  When parties insist on going to trial they give up all control of the final result to a third party, the court. And the parties don’t even get to choose who will be the judge.  

We will help you and the party with whom you are in conflict to resolve the problem between yourselves, rather than leaving it a judge. Mediation not only allows the parties to agree a solution that works for them – it may involve a solution that would never be available to the court to impose.

Mediation offers both parties a real chance to reach a settlement that, while not ideal for either, is far preferable to losing a dispute, and infinitely better than paying huge fees to lawyers for the litigation and waiting many months, or over a year in some cases, to receive a court judgment. 

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E&G Solicitors in Spain were extremely professional and patient, whilst they made every stage of the buying process easy, explaining each step along the way. Thank you for making our dream come true!

Ian and Michelle, Southampton