Spanish legal advice in plain English


I contacted E&G Solicitors in December 2018. E&G Solicitors were brilliant. They were always there at the end of the phone and by email, and explained everything in great detail. I would 100% definitely recommend them. Big thank you to all of the team, especially Jonathan. Superb service.

Della Dennis, Essex

E&G Solicitors in Spain’s service was very professional and personal. We received very helpful information and timely responses, and good advice throughout the process.

Ori, Spain

E&G Solicitors in Spain were exemplary. They did a great job, were always at the end of the phone and they’ve been there even afterwards.

Kay Dinan, Kent

E&G Solicitors in Spain handled our matter absolutely brilliantly. I cannot praise them enough. Numerous previous solicitors told us that we would not be able to sell the property because of legal problems. All of the staff involved were always extremely courteous and thorough and regularly kept us up to date as to the progression of the matter. Fantastic, seamless and well above our expectations. Thank you for the endless work and wonderful result for me and my family.

Delia-Maria Asser, Essex

E&G Solicitors in Spain handled our matter professionally, efficiently and in a timely manner. We are very happy with the service.

Sharon Derbyshire, Leicester

E&G Solicitors in Spain handled our matter excellently. The conduct and performance was excellent, and the communication was very good.

Emma Gilroy, London

E&G Solicitors in Spain handled my matter very efficiently and quickly. Emails were answered very quickly with clear instructions. E&G were helpful and organised and the experience was comfortable and stress free.

Bruce, Spain

Thank you so much to Josep and Cristina. I was really anxious about purchasing a property abroad and you both made the process so much easier as a result of your excellent communication and friendliness. I will continue to use your services for all of my Spanish legal matters. Outstanding.

Tessa Gall, Scotland

I was concerned about the whole process of buying a property in Spain legally, but E&G Solicitors handled my matter beautifully. The communication was fantastic, they were professional and always available to answer questions. It was always so nice to feel protected.

Joëlle Lebrument, West Sussex

E&G Solicitors were helpful and professional from beginning to end. I could not fault them at all. A massive thank you to all that helped me. You eased a burden from my shoulders whilst going through a really tough period of my life. I cannot thank you enough. I could not have dealt with matters without you.

Valerie Laurie, London