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We were concerned about the pitfalls of buying a property in Spain, but we couldn’t be happier with the level of service and attention to detail that E&G Solicitors in Spain provided. They were extremely friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, supportive, and thoroughly trustworthy. We really felt that we had someone on our side at all times, looking after our interests.

Anne, Worcestershire

Despite the difficulties faced with COVID-19, E&G Solicitors in Spain reassured us at all times on the progress of our purchase. The team gave us clear guidance and advice, and were trustworthy and honest, fully understanding our anxieties about buying a property in Spain. We would recommend E&G Solicitors in Spain to anyone considering buying in Spain.

Mark Byrne, Guernsey

Thank you to the team for completing the purchase of our property! E&G Solicitors in Spain provided suitable advice, including the caution on the first property that fell through, but it was for the best as we love our new place much more.

Mathew, London

Our main concern about buying a property in Spain was the language barrier. E&G Solicitors in Spain were excellent and professional in handling our matter. Thanks for your help.

Philip Lunn, Cheshire

I have been very impressed with E&G Solicitors in Spain’s quality of advice and their prompt and concise communications.

Malcolm Fyfe, Surrey

Our main concerns about buying a property in Spain was surrounding the Spanish paperwork. E&G Solicitors in Spain handled our matter very professionally and the communication we had with them was very good.

Ian McCarthy, Leicester

Our concerns about buying a property in Spain were not being able to speak the language or understand Spanish law. E&G Solicitors in Spain were fantastic - highly professional and knowledgeable! They explained everything clearly and took control of the process, with very little intervention required by us. The teams in both Spain and the UK worked very well with each other.

Tammy, Surrey

I was really happy to find someone able to operate in Spain and in the UK. Jonathan helped us find a solution to a very complex issue - he was very responsive and was really focused on getting a good outcome for us. Thank you for your support in helping us resolve this issue. It was a long road, but we couldn’t have done it without you.

Damon, Surrey

E&G Solicitors in Spain were fantastic, reassuring and efficient! Communication was forthcoming and knowledgeable. I felt reassured during an extremely stressful period in my life and I’ve already recommended them to a friend.

Elaine Sibley, Barcelona

E&G Solicitors in Spain put my mind at ease as to all matters concerning the purchase. The communication was very good and they were very professional throughout.

David Mott, London