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Buying property in Camposol, Spain

The Camposol development in Murcia, Spain, is an area known to have been plagued by difficulties during the build and in its early years.  As the situation has improved and stabilised, British buyers have been tempted by the plentiful supply of property at reasonable prices and so we are seeing more buyers keen to purchase a place in Camposol.  

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As with any property purchase in Spain, early independent advice is the key to making a successful purchase.  However, there are some issues peculiar to the Camposol development that it is important you are aware of before taking the plunge.  

Camposol and licences of first occupation

A significant number of properties within the Camposol development have not been issued with a licence of first occupation, sometimes known as the certificate of habitation.  This is a document issued by the local town hall that certifies that the property has been approved and registered to be used as a dwelling. Utilities suppliers will usually require sight of a licence of first occupation before the water and electricity supply can be connected.  

Clearly, this poses a problem for the Camposol properties affected.  Property buyers could find that they become owners of a property that cannot be used because it has no water or electricity supply.  

In a rare but welcome display of common sense, the utilities providers in Murcia have chosen to recognise that although many of the Camposol properties do not have licences of first occupation, they have nonetheless been built in accordance with the correct building regulations and as such they are suitable to be used as dwellings.  Hence, it is possible for the water and electricity supply to be connected, provided the supplier receives certain documentation.  

It is vital that your independent Spanish lawyer makes enquiries of the utility companies prior to the purchase to establish that this is the case in relation to the property you wish to purchase.  

Camposol and properties registered as “touristic” properties

A significant number of properties within Camposol have been registered as “touristic” properties.  What this means is that the property was not built to be a main residence and there is an obligation to register the property with the register of "touristic properties", for properties that are available for short term lets.  Owners of properties of this nature are subject to specific rules relating to short term lets and there are associated obligations and paperwork.  

Having said that, the government in this area of Spain is extremely under-resourced and so while strictly these are the rules, they are not enforced and it appears that there is no oversight in place.  In addition, notwithstanding the obligation to register the property as “touristic”, those currently owning property in the development have not registered their properties and there is no obligation on them to find short term tenants.  

The risk is that the government decides to dedicate further resource to this area and to begin enforcing the rules.  If you are planning to use a property in Camposol as your main residence then depending upon where in the development you purchase, this could pose a problem in the future.  

General issues with Camposol properties

Throughout Spain, as in the UK, developments ought to have been built with planning permission.  Properties that infringe planning permission are difficult to sell, for obvious reasons, but owners do try to sell them.  

Camposol is a very large development and so it would be unusual for a property to have been built with no planning permission whatsoever.  However, within the Camposol development, areas of particular concern have involved properties built on a former river bed, which subsequently flooded.  There were also issues with poorly built properties, unfinished infrastructure, and poor utilities provision.  

As with any property purchase in Spain, the key is to take independent Spanish legal advice at an early stage.  Your independent Spanish lawyer should make enquiries in relation to the planning status of the property, the utility supplies, any community fees and anything else that you should be aware of and advise you before you part with any money at all to the seller, the seller’s estate agent, or the seller’s lawyer.  Your independent lawyer should make you aware of any risks associated with the property in order that you can make an informed decision as to whether to purchase it.

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Last updated: 24 February 2022


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