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What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

What is ADR?

Alternative dispute resolution or ADR is a term used to describe ways that parties in conflict can act to resolve their dispute without asking a judge or judges in a court to resolve it for them. ADR can be used alongside formal court proceedings, or on its own.

Mediation – is a form of ADR

Mediation is an extremely effective form of ADR.  An independent study indicates that just over 75% of mediated cases settle on the day, with another 11% settling shortly thereafter, giving an aggregate settlement rate of around 86%.

The team of expert mediators at E&G Mediation have the experience and know-how to help you resolve your Spanish dispute quickly, effectively and economically, without the need for recourse to the courts, whether in Spain or anywhere else.  When parties insist on going to trial they give up all control of the final result to a third party, the court. And the parties don’t even get to choose who will be the judge.  

We will help you and the party with whom you are in conflict to resolve the problem between yourselves, rather than leaving it to a judge. Mediation not only allows the parties to agree a solution that works for them – it may involve a solution that would never be available to the court to impose.

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We were more than pleased with the service we received from E&G Solicitors in Spain. Without them we would not have uncovered a major flaw in an impending property purchase, which they then helped us renegotiate. No one should consider purchasing property in Spain without competent legal advice and we strongly recommend this friendly and efficient firm.

Tim and Sue Gilbert, England